Stock Flower festivals
and Fancy Dress Dinner Dance
Midsummer Weekend
Friday Night
Fancy Dress Dinner-Dance
Saturday and Sunday
Dedication Service
The annual Flower Festival, together with its associated dinner dance and fete, is a highlight of Stock's calendar. The events might be perceived as quintessentially English, yet are a combination of fund-raising and fun that very few villages could match in the new millennium.
The festival falls on the weekend nearest to midsummer's day, with the Friday night dinner dance starting the celebrations in a marquee on the glebe next to the church - many wearing fancy dress. True to festival traditions, standards are amazingly high and competition is fierce yet good-humoured.
On Saturday morning volunteers lift the stage and dance floor for the marquee's conversion to a tea tent with space for craft stalls and racks of nearly-new clothing. The Fete starts at 2pm, outside attractions will range from the genteel tombola and cake and book stalls, through to the more active trolley slides and penalty shoot-outs. Arena attractions may include vintage cars, Morris men and country dancing from the village schoolchildren.
A few yards away from the hustle is the inspirational calm of the ancient church decorated with a wide range flower displays. Hundreds of blooms are arranged to a standard that amaze and delight visitors who return year after year.
The Sunday is kept as our Dedication Festival and the 10.15am service is always a joyous celebration Afterwards, back in the marquee, the children entertain with a short piece of drama and music.
It is a weekend that proves a community spirit flourishes in Stock - and that the congregation of All Saints' Church knows how to have a good time!
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