The Trouble with Ally
'The Trouble With Ally' is a humorous modern women's fiction novel - but what makes it different is that the heroine, for once, is not in her twenties or thirties but a fifty year old. It deals with an ordinary working woman's life and problems in a light-hearted way. Ally's problems at the start of the book include a sick cat, a car that keeps breaking down, a cantankerous elderly mother, a difficult boss and the fact that she's on her own with her two daughters. She tells a little white lie to try to get herself out of difficulties and finds that one lie leads to another, until eventually no-one believes her when she's telling the truth . . . or is she telling the truth?!
Sheila Norton Main Index Paperback Hardcover
Published by Piatkus Authors index ISBN: 0749933690 ISBN: 0749906456
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