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Betty Lark (nee HAZARD)
Our Ancestor Daniel LARK(E) married an unknown lady and place also unknown but he had 2 daughters baptised in Stock. #1 daughter 20 Jan. 1738/39 daughter #2. 4 April 1743 but neither had a name that I can find.
It appears that Daniel LARK(E) wife then died between 1743-46 as Daniel LARK(E) married 22 March 1746/47 Stock, Essex Susanna READER 1716-1782 this couple had 5 sons our family is decended from John LARK 1749-1816 Stock, Essex.
Daniel LARK 1747- m.1775 Hannah TURNAGE
John LARK 1749-1816 m.1777 Martha PAIN
James LARK 1750-1751
James LARK 1752-
Samuel LARK 1755-1792 m.1770 Gt. Baddow Frances RODGERS
Daniel LARK(E) died 27 Jan. 1757 Stock Essex. Can any one tell us if there was ever a head stone please? And anything else about this family would be very welcome, thank you in advance.
Kind Regards Betty Lark (nee HAZARD)

Stephen and Marjory Sibley
I am researching my grandfather and grandmother who lived in the house at the back of the green (the white house to the left of the coach house which was doctors) sometime during 1908 and early 1920's I think.
My grandparents died many years before I was born, my parents have also been deceased for many years so I have no way of checking details. My grandparents Stephen & Marjory Sibley had 3 sons, Leslie, Cecil (born 1908 in Barnes, London) and Jeffrey. My father was Cecil, he was sent to Canada for a while during his early teens, and over the many years that passed between the two wars he lost contact with his brothers. I wondered if anyone could confirm the actual dates they lived in Stock, and any other info would be of help. I have lived in Australia since 1989 and am now looking at trying to complete a family tree etc. for my daughter and eventually grandchildren.
 Any help would be appreciated. Ann Wheatland

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