Stock Ex Pats Page
A page for those who have left but still want to keep in touch.
If you wish to be added to the list then Please click here and send me an Email
giving a bit about your time in the village, what you are doing now, when you left, your email address and website if you have one
  Maxwell Woodard   Left in 1987
Our Family consisting of my Mother Joy Woodard, Father Phil, brother James and Sister Alison moved from the plot lands of Queens Park Billericay (compulsory purchased by the Council's paperwork Panther) to Goatsmoor lane in 1966. My sister and I went to the Mayflower School.
We lived in Goatsmoor lane, at the aptly named Hippodrome. I have great memories of living there opposite the Mail/Marl pits, where I and many other lads from far and wide would fish for the elusive and never caught,  big one! I left in stock 1987
So many great memories from what now seems to be such an old fashioned era. How lucky we were to live in such a fantastic village with so many colourful locals, and who could forget Adultery Lane? Still can't believe they chopped the Monkey Puzzle tree, shameful!
For the moment I  live in Purleigh.

Norma Windley Left in 1969
Wine bar employee
Working in a wine bar I have an interest in wine, purely professional, of course! Since marrying James in 1995 we have started to pursue our mutual interest in music, particularly the blues. We collect CDs and attend festivals both in the UK and US. We also write occasional articles for Blues in Britain magazine.
We moved to Stock in 1950, when I was a year old. We lived at Brookman's Road and our closest friends were the Doe and Cator families. I attended Stock C of E Primary and later Chelmsford County High School. I left the village in 1969 to go to college in London. Dad and mum, (Norman and Joan Windley), later moved to Great Baddow, where mum still lives. Dad passed away in 1983. Dad was great friends with Gilbert Springett and mum who is now eighty still sees Phyllis Cator regularly. I have lived in London for the last thirty five years but still have fond memories of Stock, it will always be "home" to me!

Sadly Jim is no longer with us but left us a legacy of his momories Lived in the village for 13 years Left in 1952
Job: retired
See my entry in Memories. Although I spent only small period of my life in Stock, I still think of the village as 'home'. On occasional visits, it seems that the place has not changed too much, but the people have. Too many of my generation were not able to afford to live in Stock when we grew up, but it's still my favourite village. And it's got a great web-site !

PETER JAGGS Left Stock in 1986
Lived at Brittons Lane, Stock for 16 years. Left in 1986 and now resident in Thailand for the past thirty years. You will probably all be surprised to learn I am now an author whose many books on Thailand and Asia have reached bestselling status on all Amazon websites.
Despite the gorgeous weather, sexy women and fine food here I still miss Stock to this very day. Would just like to say a hello to the two Swiftys, Stevie A, Martin S, Andy M, the Griff Bros, NIgel W, Ian B, Ade and John H, Kev L, Mark J and all the other lads I used to drink down the Cock Inn, Bear and Bakers Arms with back in the 70's and early 80's. You know who you all are and you were never forgotten!
Thought you all might be interested in my latest book which has loads of stuff about the old village in it including the above pubs mentioned and more. Good luck to you all and to everyone in Stock.

  Brenda Owen Lived in the village for 23 years Left in 1970
Job: Secretary
I was born in Stock at Stock Farm, so were my sisters and brother. My father (Ted Owen)owned Stock Farm which he ran as a Poultry Farm. He worked the farm with my mother, Florence, farming mainly chickens.

My sister Marjorie married John Green and emigrated to Brisbane, Australia. My other sister Janet married Barry Tarbun and had two daughters, Deborah and Elizabeth. Janet now lives in Great Baddow. Charles, my brother, married Sue and has lived since then in Stock High street. I married Keith Farmer, from Billericay, in 1969 and we lived at Stock Farm with my parents until our house was built in Clare, Suffolk.
We lived in Clare for 8 years and then emigrated to Brisbane in Australia where we still live. Keith went to school at King Edward 6th Grammar school in Chelmsford along with William Sellers who also used to live in Stock and whose mother still lives there. My father, Edward, finally had to sell the farm due to failing health and he bought a house in Back lane, Stock.

He has since passed away but my mother Flo still lives there and is actively involved in village life and the indoor bowling team. We love living in Brisbane but miss the village life. Our Son James was born in Bury St Edmunds whilst we were living in Clare but we emigrated when he was 4 months old. He now works in Tokyo as a teacher. Our daughter Kate was born in Brisbane and is now completing a University course to be a nurse.

  Carole Palmer Lived in the village for 28 years Left in 1971 then came back
and left in 1977
Interests: Family history, local history and history generally, books and music, foreign travel.
My Dad Charlie Palmer ran Mill Road garage from 1954 to 1977. I went to school first at the Rectory Hall with Miss Holland and then down on the hill with Miss Bull and Miss Scales - I was in the first year to move up to the 'new' school and then back down again for the senior year with Joy Leighton and Gwynne Jones. Sunday School and Kings Own Bible Class at the congregational church with Fred Baker and Mrs Ferguson. Later the drama group with Mary Cole, Bunty Swan, Jimmy Cottee (Fairy Godmother to Adrian Rilstone's Buttons. Mum moved back to the village in 1984 and passed away in 2001. If anyone remembers me I'd love to hear from them. My contemporaries were Michael Waddicor, Louise Cable, Muriel Sach, Vera Passfield.

  Sue Connolly (nee Bricknell) Lived in the village for 13 years Left1981 returned in 1988
left again in 1991
Interests: Mountain biking,hiking and trail walking
Grew up in Stock, went to the old village school opposite the Church then Mayflower comp. I have very fond memories of a carefree childhood wandering the open country around Stock. Miss the real ale at the Hoop, the bluebells in Swan wood and Midnight mass in Stock Cof E Church. Now living in Taiwan with hubbie and 3 children.

  Ann Voysey Lived in the village for 14 years Left in 1969
I was born in Brookmans Road and lived there until the late 60s when we moved to Hatfield Peverel. My best friend was Margaret Thake but I lost touch with her when we moved away. I went to St. Johns school in Billericay and later to Baddow Comprehensive as it was called then.

  David Taylor Lived in the village for 4 years Left in 1984
My interest are pc, sports, reading, watching films.
I think stock is a great village, nice place to live,but sadley to expensive for me, if I ever get the chance to live there again I will.

  Lisa Hudson 1970-1993 Left in 1993
I used to use the Hoop pub and still visit from time to time. After living in London for several years I now live in Wickford with my husband and our little boy.
Mike Farley was rubbish at cricket! He only came for the beer. My Mum & Dad still live in Falkner Close, my aunt Daph lives in Brookmans Close. My Nan lived at 21 Back Lane. I would like to hear from anyone who knows me (my maiden name was Lisa Newman), especially Eric Peterson who lived in Mill Road, or Simon Browning who lived in the square.

  Ilona Palmer
Lived in Stock for 10 years Left in 1983
I am in the process of organising a Mayflower School 40th birthday reunion for my year. You will have been born in 1961/62 and attended Mayflower from 1973-78 (or longer). So far we've had 4 mini-reunions - the last one was attended by over 40 of us - and they're great fun. We started with 3 of us and are now in touch with over 130. Please contact me ASAP for details of the next mini-reunions and also for ticket information for the grand bash in April 2002.

Dave Lilley

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Lived in Mill Lane Stock
from 1960 - 1975
Left in 1975
Have been in S.Africa since '75. Married with two young kids & a retail business in the country. Anyone want to make an exchange?!!!  (lots of sunshine here!)
  Be great to hear from anyone who was in Stock back in those days. Come on, where are u all!

  Michael Fewell Lived in Stock for 20 Years Left in 1970
Now works in: Computer Systems Development

  Jeremy Carrington 10 years with my nanna left uk 1990
I spent most of my childhood staying with my grandmother on well lane, she still lives there, her name is Mary Hunter, we are good friends with Sally Johnston I visited recently from New York, to see the exhibit in the main hall .
Now works as a broker, on wall street for CANTOR FITZGERALD NY
Sadly Jeremy lost his life in the twin towers disaster on Sept. 11th. There will be a Thanks Giving service for him on Dec. 8th at All Saints Church Stock at 3pm

  Michael Farley Nearly 10 years left the village in: 1998
interests: Beer (especially from The Hoop), Cricket, archaeology, writing and music. I lived first in Vernon Corner, down Back Lane and then in Woodlow, a cottage opposite the Old Kings Head pub. Played cricket for the Hoop Cricket Club for some years and miss my Sunday nights with Alan Bourne and the rest of the reprobates. Now worries, I shall return. Now living in Somerset and loving it!
Now works as an AS400 Computer Operator

Steve Springett

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16 years left the village in: 1965
Interested in hearing from anyone who may remember me after all these years!. I was born in Stock in 1949 and emigrated to Australia in 1965. Last visit was in April 1999 for Mums funeral. Previous visit was back in 1974. Hope to return for a longer holiday in the next few years.
Now works as self employed electrical consultant and industrial engraver

  Kenneth Gilbert Springett Lived in Stock for 25 Years Left in 1961
Migrated to Australia in 1961. Interested in: Electronics, Model making (boats, planes etc.) and computer facilitated communications. Would like to contact anyone who knew me in those days and in particular, went to 'Stock Primary School' prior to going to "Billericay" Secondary Modern. I lived in 'Mill Road' for 15 years close to the 'Bear' Pub and remember such things as the daffodils being planted on the village green, around the 'War Memorial,' and even the "Black Smith" operating opposite the 'Bear' Pub
Now works as a: Draughtsman

  Alison and Nigel Falls Lived in Stock for 18 years
(1970-1987 and 1992-3)
Left in 1993
Interests Stock Harvard Womens' Institute (The Old Guard !) Stock Press Stock Primary School Village Hall.
Nigel also lived in Stock in 1950 (aged 4)
Works in the Bank of England

  Jonathan and Lesley Hildrey Lived in Stock for 2 years,
now live in Keene, New Hampshire, USA
Left in 2000
Works as VP Finance and Administration for a Hi-tech manufacturer of photonics and fibre-optic related machines

  Ann Wardle ( nee Esson ) Lived in for Stock 17 years Left in 1951 to join RAF
Now retired Retired, Sang in Stock church choir, married in Stock church in 1954
brother Billy Esson was the Stock butcher still lives in the village

  Elaine Perry Lived in for Stock 7 years 1996
Certified Financial Manager, Financial Advisor - Merrill Lynch, New Jersey. USA
I used to work on 103 of Tower One for Fiduciary Trust - I was saddened to read that Jeremy Carrington was from Stock. I will light a candle at Our Lady of Carmel in Asbury, New Jersey on December 8th for the Carrington Family. I left stock in 1995, my parents moved from Back Lane to Mill Road about two years ago and my aunt Daphne is on Mill Lane. I have fond memories of this lovely little village and my daughter Chelsey looks forward to our frequent visits home. We are always greeted by friendly familiar faces at the post office and the newsagent - we love their big dog. Chelsey loved going to the school and Mrs Driver was very sweet when we had to leave for America. I miss the village - I especially miss my family, Stock will always be home to us. My family loves an excuse to have a party and we have shared some wonderful celebrations at the village hall!!!!!!! Oh yes and those lovely fish and chips - the village just wouldnt be the same without that smell wafting through the street on a Friday evening as you make your way to the Cock Inn.