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If you were a member of this School band taken in 1935 or thereabouts then please let me know, Thelma Webb Née Rogers is the daughter of Cyril and Lily Rogers, who owned Bishops farm until the early 60's. She moved here to the midlands (Droitwich, then Belbroughton) in 1951 when she married and has only been back to stock 2-3 times since. It would be interesting to know if there is anyone now in the village who remembers Cyril Rogers & his egg-round or who went to school with Thelma, all the children in this picture would be well into their 70's now. As my parents are coming up to their Golden wedding this year I was planning to bring them down to the village for a visit (they married in the village church), however, my father's health may not allow this but it would be a nice trip for them if I can manage it and it would be great to meet up.
Aticle by
David Webb
The school appears to be the Catholic School, in the playground. I attended there around 1934-36. I played the triangle and clappers (?) Could that be me standing on the right end of the form?
John Brown. ( Grandson of Harry )
Thelma Rogers, (second from the right at the back, standing on the bench playing a triangle and looking stroppy!)
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