An Article from 28th September 1956
Hounds tore cat to pieces and bit Girl.
When hounds from a hunt pack overran several gardens at stock a few days ago, they killed a cat which fled into a garage for refuge, and bit a young girl who, with her sister rushed to rescue the animal.
The incident occurred in Peter Street, Stock, and the owner of the cat contacted the "Essex Weekly News" because she feels the way in which the hound were allowed to to cross the gardens and attack private animals was "Disgraceful and Disgusting.
She is Mrs L. M. Parker who with her farmer husband lives in a bungalow in Peter Street. "Not only did these hounds cause damage to flowers and vegetables, but they also savagely tore my cat to pieces" she said.
They then bit the hand of young girl who very bravely tried to rescue the cat and drive the hounds away.
Mrs Parker, a mother of four children all under the age of seven said " the hounds which have invaded the area on previous occasions, are not only a nuisance, but a menace, particularly having regard to the number of young children in the area.
Her cat Nigger was in the garage a garage belonging to next door neighbour Mr and Mrs Gatwood. The frightened animal ran there after being chased by the hounds - about eight of them - and was trapped.
From the next bungalow, a 14 year old girl Kathleen Margaret Moore who was just about to set out for school with her 11 year old sister, Moira, saw what happened, and dashed to the rescue. "I saw the cat being chased into the garage and thought it was my cat Sooty, and we ran in after it", Kathleen told an "Essex Weekly News Reporter".
"The poor thing was being attacked and we tried to save it. I picked it up and was bitten on the hand, and Moira tried to push he hounds away." She added that the cat died almost immediately.
Her father Mr Harold Edward Moore, an Eastern National bus driver, said that at the time he was in the back garden chasing away more of the hounds. "I was afraid they would attack my Spaniels" he said.
"We saw no one in charge of them, but just before we heard a huntsman's horn a long way off"
"We hope that whoever owns the hounds keeps a bit better control of the hounds in future" he added".
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