World War II
Victor James Upson

Victor James Upson was a sergeant, a Flight engineer of the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. He was a member of 149 Squadron and died 15th April 1943 whilst on a mission, as he is buried in Rheinberg War Cemetery. The site of Rheinberg War Cemetery was chosen in April 1946 by the Army Graves Service for the assembly of Commonwealth graves recovered from numerous German cemeteries in the area. The majority of those now buried in the cemetery were airmen,whose graves were brought in from Dusseldorf, Krefeld, Munchen-Gladbach, Essen, Aachen and Dortmund; 450 graves were from Cologne alone. The men of the other fighting services buried here mostly lost their lives during the battle of the Rhineland, or in the advance from the Rhine to the Elbe.
He was the son of Arthur and Jane Upson.
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