World War I
William Elkins Papers

With Reference to my Son's Medal, I should be much obliged if you would please forward direct to me as I don't think I could stand the strain of a public presentation as I am not in the best of health and the strain might be too much for me.. Thanking you for the information I remain Yours Augusta F Elkins
In accordance with the instructions contained in your letter of the 11th instant, I beg to forward herewith the Military Medal awarded to the late No 646301 Pte. W.G.. Elkins, R.A>M.C. The award was published in the Supplement to the London Gazette dates 28-8-18, for "Bravery in the Field" no specific act of bravery was mentioned. Authority for the disposal of deceased effects has been received in this office, and they will be despatched to you in the course of the next few days. Kindly acknowledge receipt on the enclosed slip.
I would be extremely obliged if you could also give me any information regarding his personal property found upon him as I have written several times and can get no news of it yet.. You would give me good satisfaction by giving this your earliest attention
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