Village 'Crossing Walk' 22-24 May 2001, 8:00-9:15

It is now three years since the residents of Stock took action to demonstrate their concerns over traffic through the Village. During that period, many people have continued their efforts to highlight traffic problems to the Local Authorities and a number of schemes have been planned, funded and then subsequently scrapped.

The 'Spirit of Best Value' Sub-Committee of the Parish Council is preparing a new set of proposed traffic calming measures. These will be presented to Essex and Chelmsford Councils as part of their 'revised' planning process due to be carried out in September 2001.

Residents in the Downham Road area have already conducted a survey themselves, which has been passed to the Local Councils, and we would welcome further ideas and proposals.

Please either contact us directly or join us at the monthly Parish Council meeting. However, as a step to highlight the problems again, it is planned to hold another 'Crossing Walk' at the pedestrian crossing outside the Post Office. This will take place on the mornings of 22, 23 and 24 May 2001 from 8:00- 9:15 each day. Please come and support us in making Stock's roads safer. Stock Parish Council 1" May 2001

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Two Large vehicles
passing on the crossing
Tanker squeezing between a car and thenarrow pavement by the Cock Large truck
on the crossing
Queue of large vehicles
at the Crossing
Yet more repairs to the
Antique shop roof after
a truck took the corner off
Large truck heading
towards the narrow path
Sometimes out of
desperation we have to be
more forceful in our protests
Heavy Traffic at the
by the school crossing
A lorry even has
trouble getting through
with a small car
Home Page This huge boots truck
was pictured on our protest day
This huge truck just
seems to go on for ever