Stock History
By Charles Phillips
After a bit of research I have come to the conclusion that Stock is in the Doomsday Book, but it is not known as Stock. At the time of the Doomsday Book (1086) there were a group of parishes south of Chelmsford whose names at the time included ING. These were: Inga - Fryerning, Inga - Ingatestone, Inga - Ingrave, Ginga - Margaretting, Ginga - Mountnessing, Cingam - Buttsbury and Festinges - Fristling. In 1948 the remains of a Saxon church were found in the grounds of All Saints.
. The Anglo Saxon name for a settlement on the highway was hereweg stoc. Fristling Hall is a farm house possesing the remains of a moat. My argument is that Stock was originally called Fristling, but the name of the place became altered to the shorted form of hereweg stoc - stoc with a k added thus Stock.
Forget the current settlement pattern of places. In those days you would have a parish in which there was a church, a manor house and other habitations. They were not all necessarily clustered together. In Buttsbury the church and the Hall Farm, which would have been the site of the manor house, are nearby, but with Fristling as Stock then was on my conjecture the manor house was near the river, but the church was on the high ground. Buttsbury Hall Farm is near the river. Fristling Hall Farm is also near the river. A survival of this into the present day is at East Mersea, which has a scattered settlement pattern. So for Stock a you had a parish with a manor house, farm, a church with some buildings nearby and a series of hamlets within the parish. The same probably applied to Buttsbury
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