From Les Davis, Community Safety Liaison Officer
On the 1st Day of Christmas Check your Christmas tree lights conform to the British standard & NEVER use candles on or near a Christmas tree.
On the 2nd Day of Christmas Candles are causing more fires every year. NEVER leave them unattended and always use suitable holders.
On the 3rd Day of Christmas A smoke alarm is not an EARLY warning. It's your ONLY warning. If you haven't got one…..GET ONE..
On the 4th Day of Christmas Make sure all open fires & heaters are adequately guarded and that decorations cannot fall on them.
On the 5th Day of Christmas Last thing before bed extinguish all candles, empty ashtrays, check the kitchen and close all doors.
On the 6th Day of Christmas. The risk of accidents, especially in the kitchen, is greater when alcohol has been consumed.
On the 7th Day of Christmas Use Christmas as a reminder to change your smoke detector battery and to clean it and remove dust.
On the 8th Day of Christmas Don't overload electrical sockets. Keep cables tidy - avoid trip hazards.
On the 9th Day of Christmas Most fires start in the kitchen. NEVER leave cookers unattended. On the 10th Day of Christmas If the worst should happen, how will your family escape? Make a fire plan NOW
On the 11th Day of Christmas Smoking materials can cause fires….dispose of cigarette ends WISELY. On the 12th Day of Christmas Check on elderly relatives, neighbours and friends - are they as safe from fire as they could be?
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