Stock Village Events Calendar 2006
Please email me about your event, giving as much detail as possible . Posters can be sent to me either by post or dropped off at my house (e-mail me for address)
We aim to keep information as accurate as possible however we are not responsible for errors, cancellations or omissions
Please note that regular events are on the Things to do page Other Years Events
29th Antiques Fair
3rd Public Village Plan (Friday Evening) 4th Public Village Plan (Saturday Morning)
11th Harmony Brass Concert (saturday) 28th A demonstration in pastels by Heather Brown
19th Antiques Fair (details to follow) 16th Women's Institute
23rd Gardening Society
1st Art Group's 36th Annual Art Exhibition 2nd Bin It Day
6th Women's Institute Afternoon 20th Women's Institute
22nd Drama Group "My Friend Miss Flint" 20th Gardening Society
26th Drama Group "My Friend Miss Flint" 27th Drama Group "My Friend Miss Flint"
28th Drama Group "My Friend Miss Flint" 29th Art Group's 36th Annual Art Exhibition
4th Women's Institute Afternoon 12th Gardening Society
13th Gardening Society 18th Women's Institute
24th Gardening Society 24th Village Hall AGM
26th MAY to 4th JUNE         The Hoop Beer Festival
1st Women's Institute Afternoon 3rd Steps for change Day
7th Gardening Society 15th Women's Institute
22nd Ascot Ladies Day Charity Event 30th Gardening Society
23rd Flower Festival Dinner Dance 24th Flower Festival
25th Flower Festival
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8th Gardening Society 6th Women's Institute Afternoon
19th Gardening Society 20th Women's Institute
Remus Horse Sanctuary Events
3rd Women's Institute Afternoon 17th Women's Institute
Remus Horse Sanctuary Events
3rd Donkey Derby 7th Women's Institute Afternoon
16th Gardening Society 21st Women's Institute
21st Gardening Society
Remus Horse Sanctuary Events
October Also see regular events
5th Women's Institute Afternoon 7th Modern Art Exhibition
19th Women's Institute 22nd Antique and Collectors Fair
25th Gardening Society 28th Gourmet dinner with entertainment
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November Also see regular events
2nd Women's Institute Afternoon 2nd Pond Clearing
4th Bulb planting 16th Women's Institute
9th Stock and Buttsbury Heritage 15th Gardening Society
22nd Drama Group ‘Murder In Company’ 23rd Drama Group ‘Murder In Company’
24th Drama Group ‘Murder In Company’ 25th Drama Group ‘Murder In Company’
Remus Horse Sanctuary Events
December Also see regular events
7th Women's Institute Afternoon 14th Women's Institute
16th Harmony Brass 17th Antique and Collectors Fair
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