Trafalgar Day
After show report by Stan Elgar
The Sea came to Stock on October 2005 to celebrate Lord Nelson's Victory off Cape Trafalgar 1808
The Trafalgar night dinner raised a small surplus, used as intended to subsidise the exhibition on the following day.
I was able to send 570 pounds, a box of books and a new dingy to the nominated charity FELLOWSHIP AFLOAT based at Tollesbury, following the success of the raffle and the auction of the cross-stitch sampler made and given by Shirly Taffs.
Income from 144 seats plus one donation 3625 .00
Catering 2573 .00
Sherry and Beer 106 .00
Flowers and gifts to Performers 45 .00
Entertainers 170 .00
Photographer 50 .00
Rent of Hall 94 .00
Insurance 127 .00
Decoration of Neptune's Cavern 190 .00
Postage and Photocopying 39 .00
which comes to 3394 00
Which leaves a surplus of 231 .00
Amongst others who contributed to the success of the evening were Peter Goodfellow and friends for the decoration of the hall, Michael Cole and Tina Dixon for the decoration of Neptune's cavern, Bob Nafzler for Neptune Doug Taffs MC Jackie Pittman for Rule Britannia, Leslie and Mark Jeans for for Catering and the Ex RN chaplain Roland Webb for proposing the toasts and keeping order whilst doing so.
Before I can produce a financial report for the exhibition, I need to reduce the remaining Stock of goods I bought to sell at a profit to cover the 600 pounds expenses.

I have Sea Shells made from chocolate, Stock Rock, Souvenir "ENGLAND EXPECTS" fridge magnets. miniature photo frames and single use flash cameras. No reasonable offer refused, especially for the rock.
Stan Elgar, 840421     1st December 2005
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