Stock Village Events Calendar 2005
Please email me about your event, giving as much detail as possible . Posters can be sent to me either by post or dropped off at my house (e-mail me for address)
We aim to keep information as accurate as possible however we are not responsible for errors, cancellations or omissions
Please note that regular events are on the Things to do page Other Years Events
January Also see regular events
7th digital photography talk 16th Antiques Fayre
29th Remus Memorial Horse Sanctuary Winter Sale
February Also see regular events
12th Harmony Brass charity concert 13th Antiques Fayre
18th Botswana Safari Talk
March Also see regular events
5th Floral Art Demonstration,
in aid of the J's Hospice
5th Remus Memorial Horse Sanctuary Spring Sale
6th Oriental Rug Sale 11th Quiz evening
19th a different animal exhibiion 19th Spring sale
20th Balloon Race
April Also see regular events
2nd Farmers Market
8th talk on Galapagos by Colin Anthony
9th Stock Art Group's 35th Annual Art Exhibition 9th Spring Sale
10th Stock Art Group's 35th Annual Art Exhibition 16th Spring Sale
17th Sponsored Dog Walk 24th The.Light Youth Service
27th Annual Parish Meeting
27th Noel Coward's Blithe Spirit 28th Noel Coward's Blithe Spirit
29th Noel Coward's Blithe Spirit 30th Noel Coward's Blithe Spirit
May Also see regular events
7th Annual Village 'clean-up' day 12th Village Plan Workshop (see chairmans report)
7th Farmers Market 22nd The.Light Youth Service
27th Hoop Beer Festival STARTS 29th Early Summer Sale
June Also see regular events
2nd The Scott and Kelly Gautier Pub Crawl 4th Farmers Market
5th Hoop Beer Festival ENDS 8th Ladies Night
24th Flower Festival Themed Dinner Dance
25th Midsummer Exhibition 26th Midsummer Exhibition
25th Main Flower Festival details 26th Main Flower Festival details
Remus Horse Sanctuary Events
July Also see regular events
2nd Farmers Market 9th Play Tennis Day 2005
Remus Horse Sanctuary Events
August Also see regular events
Remus Horse Sanctuary Events
September Also see regular events
4th Donkey Derby
Remus Horse Sanctuary Events
October Also see regular events
9th Collectors Fair 21st The sea comes to Stock on Trafalgar Day
22nd The sea comes to Stock on Trafalgar Day 15th Remus Concert
Remus Horse Sanctuary Events
November Also see regular events
23rd A Chorus of Disapproval 24th A Chorus of Disapproval
25th A Chorus of Disapproval 26th A Chorus of Disapproval
Remus Horse Sanctuary Events
December Also see regular events
11th Collectors Fair
Remus Horse Sanctuary Events
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