Stock Village Events Calendar 2003
Please email me about your event, giving as much detail as possible . Posters can be sent to me either by post or dropped off at my house (e-mail me for address)
We aim to keep information as accurate as possible however we are not responsible for errors, cancellations or omissions
Please note that regular events are on the Things to do page Other Years Events
12th Antique & Collectors Fair
16th Antique & Collectors Fair
15th Craft Fair 29th Art show in Village Hall
30th Art show in Village Hall
20th Start of the Tandem Club season 26th Camera group's Annual Exhibition
Stock Village Hall 10.30am.
1st The Chelmsford Borough Council Elections 4th Tandem Club ride
starting from Stock
5th Boot Sale in Catholic Church 7th Drama group "Beyond A Joke"
8th Drama group "Beyond A Joke" 9th Drama group "Beyond A Joke"
10th Drama group "Beyond A Joke" 10th Auction of Promises
11th Stock Tower Mill Open Day 17th Stock School Summer Fair
24th Stock Gardening Society Plant Sale in Village Hall
4th Ladies Night
at the Mayflower School
8th Stock Tower Mill Open Day
20th Flower Festival Fancy Dress Dinner Dance 21st Stock Flower Festival
22nd Stock Flower Festival
5th Getting Pally with Ally! 6th Remus Memorial Horse Sanctuary
Strawberries & Cream
12th Stock Flower Show in the Village Hall 13th Family Lunch and Garden Party
13th Stock Tower Mill Open Day 26th Twelfth Night
3rd Remus Memorial Horse Sanctuary
Dog Show
10th Stock Tower Mill Open Day
12th Summer Play Day 23rd Donkey Derby
25th Quick Cricket Tournament
7th Remus Memorial Horse Sanctuary
Horse Day
14th Stock Tower Mill Open Day
28th Antique & Collectors Fair
5th Tandem Club ride
starting from Stockclick here
5th Remus Memorial Horse Sanctuary
Come Back Soon
12th Youth Praise Service    
8th Mini Christmas Fayre / Coffee morning 21st Quiz Night
26th Stock Drama Group Deathtrap 27th Stock Drama Group Deathtrap
28th Stock Drama Group Deathtrap 29th Stock Drama Group Deathtrap
Ends on 31st Library competition  
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