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This timetable shows the state of bus services in October 1921. By this time buses were now running through the village to Billericay on a daily basis - albeit a mere two a day. Also on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays there was a bus route to Southend which had started that year. Interestingly the afternoon Southend bus and the afternoon Billericay both left Chelmsford at the same time, but the Southend bus was slightly faster. I have no knowledge as to why this was so.

With the Southend service it was possible to have a day at the seaside or go shopping in Southend without having to get a train from Billericay. Something that cannot be done now unless you drive. Note also that the Sunday buses only ran in the afternoon. As some of the other routes then operating had services that ran in the middle to late morning this cannot be put down to religious oberservance.

One difference from the February 1917 bus timetable is that the buses were now petrol engined.
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