Broadbandnow! brought high speed Internet to a large area of Stock on the 26th of Feb 2004 using wireless / satellite technology. At this point in time (even after several local mailout and leafleting campaigns) BT's broadband switch on date was undefined and appeard a long way off.
Now the exchange has been enabled, BroadbandNow! are offering some of the lowest priced broadband on the market to the residents of Stock. They will also be offering a new type of 'Broadband Phone' technology that allows you to make INTERNATIONAL TELEPHONE CALLS FOR FREE using your broadband connection!
Oviously you can now buy your broadband from anywhere however BroadbandNow! installed a broadband solution at a time of need and we feel that it would be reasonable to remain with them following the enablement of the exchange, particularly considering their low prices!
To answer those who have commented that Broadbandnow
! is the only broadband company advertised on this site.
They were the only company to actually bring a working and administered system to a large area of the village rather than us having to set up our own DIY wireless system.
Visit their web site for more details
Head Office: 0871 575 0505
Sales: 0845 890 0606 / 0607
Roger Watling Web Editor Archive of Broadband for Stock