Staines Family

Until recently, Stock to me had only been a name on a piece of paper. Indeed, I had thought that Stock was little more than a few buildings at a cross roads in a very rural area.
I wonder whether the surname "Staines" still exists in the area? I am looking for information on John and Elizabeth who on July 3 1814 were blessed with a son, who they names John after his father, in that town. Four years later they were still living in Stock when second son, George, was born. John the son, eventually took up the trade of "miller", operating wind mills in various towns in Essex. His father possibly had the same trade, As we know Stock had at one point three wind mills. John, the son, eventually became a "dissenter". Did Stock have such a religious institution in, say, 1810 - 1813 when his parents were possibly married, and earlier when the older John was born ( say 1780 - 90 )? I would appreciate hearing from anyone with any ideas on these topics.
Ray Staines,
Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada.
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