Stock Tower Mill

A good example, in working order, of the millwright's craft of the 1890's, although originally built about 1816. Evidence can be seen of the original layout, which included a stage for setting and winding the sails. In Mill lane, Stock, off Mill Road, off the B1007.

Windmills were mentioned in local historical records for the village of Stock as long ago as the 13th Century and it is presumed that these were some form of post mills
In the early 16th Century there were two post mills in Stock, one sited at the entrance to the present bowling green near the Baker's Arms Pub (previously known as The Jolly Miller). The other mill was in the field (then part of the much larger common) near where the present mill stands.

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In 1798 William Moss purchased the old post mill from James Madle and subsequently decided to have a brick tower mill constructed, which is the current Mill today.
Circa 1816 is the most reliable date for the completion of the building of the Stock Tower Mill.
The copy of a painting of the windmill dated circa 1834 shows a veranda at first floor level, cloth sails and no fantail at the back. The veranda allowed the miller to reach the sails not only to hoist the cloth sails but also to turn them into the wind. The painting also shows the earlier post mill that was on the site.
In the early 1840s the other post mill in Stock, sited near the bowling green, was removed to the Mill Lane site by horse and cart. The three mills now stood on this site. The photocopy of a painting dated 1862 shows these three mills.
From 1870 to 1898 the mills were owned by Joseph Clover and after his death run by his widow, Mary. It was during this period that the two post mills were demolished and the tower mill was modernised with an auxillary steam power drive installed.
A photograph after this upgrade had been completed, shows that the veranda had been demolished, the cloth sails replaced with shutter sails and a fantail added to keep the sails into the wind automatically. It also shows the drive wheel above the entrance door to which a belt from the engine in the adjacent shed was attached. This obviously allowed the mill to be operated when there was insufficient wind to turn the sails - a great advance!
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Stock Mill Committee

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Open: second Sunday of the month, April to September
Open 2pm to 5pm.
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Sale of windmill to John Robert Spurling of Mill House, Billericay, (Farmer) for the sum of £1,040:
Parts of the common land were sold for housing development.
Circa 1936
Windmill ceased to work.
Essex County Council placed a preservation order on the Mill.
Stock Windmill and land sold to Essex County Council for the sum of £125.
1945 - 1977
Gradual deterioation of mill with parts of the interior wood work missing and the shutters in the sails. Eventually one pair of sails were removed as the main spar had rotted.
Some of the brickwork was replaced
Major renovation and restoration of missing parts were started by the Essex County Council Millwright and was completed in 1993. Financial help was given by English Heritage.
Friends of Stock Windmill formed and they organised the opening of the mill to the public every second Sunday of the month 2pm - 5pm, April to September.
For the last ten years Stock Mill is resplentent in the form in which it worked in the early part of the twentieth century and remains a notable feature in the village. It is hoped that future generations will value it and ensure its continued preservation as a Grade II* listed historical building.
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