Florence Owen
Florence Owen has lived in the village for goodness knows how many years.

Until her husband, Ted Owen, became unwell they both lived at Stock Farm, where they farmed Poultry and were prominent members of the village. They then moved to Back Lane where Florence still lives.

Unfortunately Ted passed away during the Hurricane that occurred in 1987 but Florence is still involved with village life.

On the 9th of October 2005 she celebrates her 90th birthday and I am sure there are many members of the village who would like to know of her birthday.
On the 9th October all the members of her family will celebrate her birthday, however Brenda - her youngest daughter with her family in Brisbane, Australia won't be able to be there in person to be with Florence.
From Brenda, Keith, James (in Tokyo) and Kate we wish her lots of love and many congratulations on reaching her 90th milestone. We also would like to remember Ted - a wonderful man who we all miss very much and will be thinking of him at this time.
Happy Birthday to Mum
Brenda Farmer nee Brenda Owen.
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