Newts in Your Neighbourhood

Chelmsford Borough Council is looking for Great Crested Newts and would like to hear from anyone who has a pond in their garden or near where they live.
Chelmsford Borough Council, working closely with more than 40 conservation organisations from across Essex, is helping to carry out the Essex Pond and Crested Newts Survey "Newts in Your Neighbourhood" in Chelmsford this spring and summer.
Ponds can be important places for wildlife; however a national pond survey carried out in the 1980's indicated a 75% loss of ponds across the country in the past I00 years.
It is estimated that only a sixth of UK Great Crested Newt breeding ponds have been identified and in Essex knowledge of where Great Crested Newts live is particularly poor. To try to plug this gap the Essex Biodiversity Action Plan identified that surveys should be carried out to find out their true distribution.
A colour leaflet has been produced to help people to identify the different newt species.
Copies of the leaflet can be obtained from Chelmsford Borough Council receptions, or by telephoning Chelmsford BC on 01245 606335, or can be downloaded or completed on-line at Essex Biodiversity partnership's website Home Page