It's a Miracle
No need to travel all the way to Lourdes the new place of healing is outside Petsmart in Chelmsford.
On my way out of the shop today there were only two disabled parking spaces left. As I got into my car, a Silver Nissan Prairie pulled into one of them and low and behold the driver sporting a beautiful sweat shirt emblazoned with a huge Asda Logo leapt out and veritably sprinted into the shop.
Then a another one YES THAT'S TWO IN 5 MINUTES a Yellow Megan pulled into the other one and once again the driver jumped out and sprinted along to another shop. There were plenty of other spaces a few feet away so it couldn't be that they were too lazy could it?
The other truly amazing thing was that not only were both of these poor disabled women instantly healed BUT the almighty power that did so dissolved the disabled notices from the windscreens.
I suppose on the other hand it could have been a row of ignorant stupid morons who can't walk 15 feet more or can only drive in a straight line, never bothering to learn to park properly . . . I would prefer to think it was the former.
Rog Watling